$TVIX STOCKTWITSACC wants to start a bunch of new threads VS CHECKING OUT MY HISTORY......”LAZY”.....and who buys/bash’s tvix in a lazy fashion? BASHERS! MY 20 YEARS OF TRADING EXPERIENCE. he/she wants to know my position in TVIX? as a basher....acc is WORRIED ABOUT ME , BEING RIGHT. his house will fall in value....credit cards get capped and rates adjusted up , so a slave to visa or MasterCard until ONE , QUITS PAYING...WHICH NON OF THESE SCENARIOS ever gets reported to the financials...because they hide these losses like home repos in the 2008 Farse. 8 trillion fiat currency , 10 years later. apparentley a new breed of “SMART” INVESTORS EMERGED. compared to the DOT COM BUBBLE INVESTORS From 1995-2000. now we HAVE ...josh patterson, b 1 , and oldfngguy.....just bots blogging or TOTALLY IGNORANT . Either way they’re turds. now we can add STOCKWITSACC. TO THE LIST. BUY TVIX.....7 MINUTES
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