$MUDS Earlier this week, on a rough day, hundreds if not thousands of $AMC "apes" stormed onto our MUDS board, making personal attacks and trying to drive down the price of MUDS (which is TOPPS) thinking they were shorting Mudrick Capital (didnt even short the company they thought they were shorting). Now im not sure if they actually shorted or bought puts as they claimed. And I hope they didnt , cuz unlike the $AMC people who came in here, I actually dont want to see fellow retail investors lose money. In either case, AMC had no choice but to dilute. If you want to group-buy and hold (manipulate), maybe next time pick a company that has a healthy revenue stream and not much debt so the company doesnt have to dilute on you. I recommend MUDS (topps). Dont get me wrong, I support whats going on at AMC. Y'all saved the theater. But dont get mad at the company for using a high share price to get their debt under control. Good luck to everyone.