$ILUS $ALPP $EEENF $ICBU $HMBL Otc family: take these few days and do some DD on NGA/lion ev. The merger vote is coming at the end of the month. This is the one Spac that is a must have post merger. If you look at financials you can come to a $120-$195 price target. They just received funding from Canada and have deals with Amazon among many others. Justin Trudeau has visited the factory in Canada numerous times and did a large press briefing there regarding the Canadian government's investment and support. They literally have a large country supporting them. They will be doing another factory in the US this year. My guess is very close to a large amazon distribution center. When all of the spac's have corrected, this is the one I was buying. They are further along than any other ev play Spac and already producing. This is a once in a life play. I feel comfortable giving it a $70 price target short term and that's being conservative. Long term the sky's is the limit.