$NAKD atm shelf expanded to 18.5M proceeds rather than 5M. per the last 20F, "There is no limit on the number of Ordinary Shares we may issue under our constitution." clearly there is no dilution end in sight. avg vol from 8/20-9/24 17.8M. 23.3M shares issued during this period over 25 trading days at avg of 932k shares per day, avg issued price 0.155 per share. 14.9M remains. at 0.12 per share = 24,023,175 shares. add to it the 96,309,695 Ordinary Shares already issued and 5,698,948 shares not yet issued, you get a outstanding share count of 226,031,818 shares. (plus addl 10.9M more to be issued after certain note conv). looks like share price 0.023 prior to last split. prob is SP declined 67% from 8/20 after 23.3M dumped shares...you're going to run out of SP runway. gonna need a pump imo. will not hold gains Nov 10, 20 equity standard compliance due date Nov 23, 20 min bid price req due date, but has to close above 1 for 10 days by this time. might be eligible for addl time.