$ALNA Hidden Treasure. A great investor will see what’s in the pipeline and what is the management capable of, revenue potential. If you are smart and patient investor and investing in a right biotech company, it will make you rich. The point is what is your entry point. Below is the revenue projection of ALNA. Analysts Estimate: ”We estimate net sales of ~$605 million for the Company in 2027 following a U.S. launch of reloxaliase/EH in 2023 (~$507MM) and ALLN-346/Gout with CKD (~$98MM) in 2025." Normal p/s ratio of biotech sector is min 10x-20x. For 1 billion peak sale estimates even with 10x p/s, it would be worth min 10b market cap. Even we consider only 20% of that, the market cap should be 2b which will put the stock price 25x up from current price.