$OEG Example of an acquisition that was strategic and added value: Google bought Youtube for $1.65 billion. Current value is between $150b and $200b. The point here isn't that OEG's about to be Google. The point is that acquisitions that make sense for your business add value that, when managed correctly, can be incremental. For me, I wasn't investing in some MEME pop hoping for $10 tomorrow. I was investing in a company that showed continued growth and putting the previous acquisitions to work. Full Moon is an example of a strategic acquisition that worked. Front Line is an example of a strategic acquisition to transform the company and open them up to bigger/more contracts to grow the company into a billion dollar business. Jim has the experience to get things done in big businesses. That's what I've invested in. If you're a swing trader, yeah, OEG is going to hurt you feelings. Not everyone is a swing trader, but they're easy to spot when people bitch about OEG not popping.