$EEENF Plenty of confusion over the drill permit status and CBD suit here, so a quick primer The process starts with a plan, that plan is the “Peregrine Exploration Program”(PEP) this plan has been approved by the BLM, on 12/20/2021 As specified within this plan a Permit to drill must be also obtained. The application for a permit to drill Merlin 2 was filed on 12/4/2021, it then had a 30 day public notice period expiring 1/3/22. Currently the drill permit decision is in process. The Center for Biological Diversity(CBD) has given 60 days notice, of intention to sue BLM over elements of the decision to approve the PEP, as remedy CBD seeks cancelation of the pending drill permit, and suspension of operations. If the permit is issued CBD will sue BLM for the alleged breaches, after expiry of the 60 day notice period.