$ONCT After reading that article I posted earlier today, it’s impossible to not speculate a Merck buyout before ASCO in June. Here's a small thread on why: Merck’s spinoff of Organon is slated to close on June 2 and Organon will be trading publicly as OGN on June 3. Merck expects to receive a $9 billion special dividend that they then want to deploy in strategic value-enhancing business development initiatives. As per President and heir-to-be CEO Rob Davis, “We are open to any opportunity to add a meaningful asset. We are open to all forms of deals and we have the capital.” Merck has become dependent on Keytruda to prop up shop and they want to bolster their oncology portfolio to decrease revenue concentration risk. Merck bought VelosBio (an ONCT spin-off) in November 2020 for $2.8B, which had an inferior lead oncology asset to what we have to offer. (Continued below)