$AABB folks, there are some quality posts/posters on this board, AABB specific and on general principles of investing. I'm sure you can spot them. One topic that I find so very important is investing against the norm. Call it contrarian investing, forward investing, or early investing. Regardless of what you call "it," you don't get "it" by following the masses. By the time mainstream picks up on it, it's already become more established and likely sitting at a premium. The more the premium, the less potential ROI there is. Of course listening to the masses tends to be a safer approach, generally speaking, but when is the last time a safe stock went parabolic? Conversely, a speculative stock often has many detractors early on, but as I've said, Amazon wasn't even Amazon when it first started. Furthermore, it took some time for AMZN to become AMZN. The same can be said for all the big winners. They started somewhere and those few investors who started with them benefited the greatest.