$AABB cryptocurrencies whipsawing up and down, one tweet from a savant sends the cryptos reeling, the bottom is falling out of NFTs, inflation is gaining traction, the US is printing money 24/7, there's labor force shortages, large urban US cities are becoming war zones, taxes are being raised, China is building the largest peacetime military in history, Iran wants the nuclear deal reinstated along with restitution payments, America is buying oil from Canada who buys their oil from Russia, and Biden is off to Geneva to let Putin "know what I want him to know." Where is the shelter? Gold, that's where. I have an idea, let's make accessibility to gold easier and turn the precious metals/mining industry on its head! Wait, too late. AABB has already done it with $AABBG.X Pardon my tangential rant, but there's a premium building for financial stability, and AABB will be right there to provide it IMO.