$QLGN This is absurd. I, from now on, will only invest in companies with big donors on their boards. Legal corruption. What about co. that have applied a long time ago?
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@StockTech7 @ThomasAnalytics like in any other country kind the world, in USA you can have stuff done quicker than anyone if you paid the right person the right amount, money under the table make things go faster in every single thing in life, for example, I was trying for get approved my warehouse and the city guys was always bothering me for every single shit, one time he give me the paper denying some reformation that we did to the warehouse and I grab it, I saw it, I clipped 500 bucks to the denied inspection and I handle to him again and 💥 bum, next day was approve and to today’s day, we are not than friends :) Pfe will be approved in not time for the vaccine watch!!!! Is about who you handle your stuff in life, everyone like money, it is just to get to the right a Lunt to get the things moving