$CODX @TheATeam19 @darock1 This stock will continue to go down to at least $10 since SHORTS are in control and no matter how much money CODX will make for Q2 at this time. Tutes will continue to unload next week, then they will buy back at much cheaper prices. They are here to make money BOTH WAYS. Bulls will continue to call me a moron and that is fine with me. I will buy back in a few weeks and keep 50% cash to average it down if it continues to crash further. I am a moron and sold all above $24, $27, $29, $30 last Thursday.
@ThomasLD @TheATeam19 @darock1 Bro u want 75% discount on this stock to buy at $10? I don’t want to laugh at u. U should look for deals in Canadian pot stocks. They r cheap and suitable for your investment needs. But not CODX bro. Why u want to make yourself a laughingstock?
@Thesmalltrader @TheATeam19 @darock1 I wish the best for you all and I want to see the CODX stock price keeps staying above $20 for you all. All I am saying is that when shorts are in control, it will be much harder for the stock to go way up in short term. I have too many other stocks to trade and I am always a bullish. I just made $15,000 from trading CRBP last Friday.