$ATER if we hold over $7.5 today, delta hedging will rocket this stock next week. If you’re wondering why margin requirements are getting tighter, that’s why.
@Thomastrains Hey! So I wrote this a couple weeks ago regarding some other stocks, but the same principle applies. reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets... Right now major effort is being put into pushing this below $7.50. If that happens, the $7.50 puts are in the money, and $7.50 calls are out of the money, and market makers will hedge in response. So if the price goes up, open interest on call options drives it even higher as market makers delta hedge. In the opposite direction, falling stock price will dehedge. If they can’t knock it below $7.50, delta hedging will take over and shares will be bought forcing the stock price higher - a gamma squeeze. And ATER has an amazing set up. Best way to preserve it and hold it up is by buying the $7.5 and $5.5 strike calls. The ones just ITM like that will be hedged as we approach expiration.
@ChemaKyle Man thanks again! I threw 25K into a RH account in Feb and jst been using T&R and fucking spider senses this whole time, which has left me badly bruised and concussed...but still breathing lol DIY trading is tough, especially when $$ is on the line. It's like trying to put together a 5K peice jigsaw puzzle with a gun to your head and then finding out that some of the peices aren't even for this puzzle. Anyways, I feel like I can now barely see out of one eye!