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    Carol E Joined Mar 09, 2011

    Nothing I post should be taken as investment advice. This is just fiction. Don't take ANYTHING I say seriously. Entertainment only. Cheers


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      Unconventional and rowdy. Mostly short swing trades - some day trades. Former collegiate athlete, video gamer, knowledge seeker, entrepreneur. Feel free to chop it up.
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      Kuka Sullivan
      Retired U.S. Military Veteran living in the "Land of Smiles" ....Pattaya, Thailand
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      Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds. Charles Mackay 1841. Market psychology first and foremost. Fundamentals and technicals mere jewelry. Maverick: someone who shows great independence in thought and action.
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      Bobby Axelrod
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      Logan McNulty
      "Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see" - Ben Franklin... CANSLIM + Market Wizards mentality. The first thing I do after my order fills is set a stop loss
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      James Bond
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      Master Ichimoku
      Using Ichimoku, with TC2000, to find those breakouts before anyone else shows up. I target specific patterns and breakout areas, while blending fundamentals to sharpen up the quality of the picks.
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      Chris Peplinski
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      Trading stocks OVER the market. I base my trades on technical analysis, active in the markets since 1990. See link to my chat room below.
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      kendall harmon
      Graduate of Bowdoin College+Oxford University, swing trader who likes technical analysis, active in markets since mid 1990's
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      Mike T.
      Finding truth in charts and tuning out the noise. Owner of CHARTS DONT LIE LLC. Professional Trader and Trade Coach. Please reach out to see how I can help you become a better trader. Join my day trade chat room
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      I don't follow the stocks I talk about. I have no skin in the game at the moment. When I start trading my own account (probably this winter) then I'll delete this account and start a new one. That's the account I'll be following stocks I talk about.
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      trader - specialize in trading structured products, global equities, and options.....feel free to follow trades on twitter or here on stocktwits THESE TRADES ARE NOT RECOMMENDATIONS, JUST PERSONAL TRADES. THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE.
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      Tracey Ryniec Official Account
      Portfolio Manager and Equity Strategist at Zacks Investment Research in Chicago.
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      Amigobulls Official Account
      Amigobulls specializes in analyzing technology stocks, with a focus on interpreting the news to understand how the latest developments impact investors. Our stock picks have consistently outperformed the NASDAQ since 2010. Check them out.
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      Scott Redler Official Account
      Chief Strategist at and T3 Trading Group, frequent guest on CNBC & Bloomberg, dedicated IronMan, devoted Husband & Father.
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      SmartDividend Funds
      Founder of SmartDividend Funds. Defined Strategy / Long Only / Diversified / Rising Dividends . Real Capital and Returns. SD Fund +24.71% (net) 2016
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      Joshua Hayes Official Account
      Joshua "MauiTrader" Hayes is CEO, president and founder of Big Wave Trading Inc., a Maui, Hawaii-based stock market advisory service. Hayes has been/is a contributor to Telechart as Sir Aloha,,
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      DMZ red rover champion 2012
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      Open Outcrier
      Option trading headlines, breaking news, rumors and strategy. Nothing we post constitutes investment advice; we may have positions in mentioned names. Sign up at