$SQQQ I love New Yorkers. I LOVE New York. I lived there for 20 years. NEw Yorkers are dying in droves for a lot of reasons. New Yorkers have an island mentality. It is provincialism at its finest. We saw this on 9/11. They lauded themselves for getting back to their lives so soon. Unfortunately they did not make the distinction between 9/11 and CV-19. The rules simply don't apply. Plus, they were lied to. THe state senators who told them to live fearlessly pretty much signed their death certificates. Go on with your lives! They said that because they knew that's what everybody wanted to hear. Cowards like De Balso who didn't have the balls to tell the truth on March 11, said if you're not sick, go on with your lives. The blood is on his hands. WHen it was too late, to save his ass, he blasted Trump accusing him of telling New York to drop dead. As a president that would have cost him re-election. As a major owner of big chunks of NY, it would have been suicide.
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