$CRSR We should stop with the talk of "manipulation". The fact is that the short position here is quite large about 20%. So there are folks who are betting against you and me. And today, they are clearly in control. Yesterday they were not. Hopefully, tomorrow they won't be either. And if we go up sufficiently, they will have to fold their short positions and this will further escalate the share price. That's how it works. No need to refer to nefarious plots. How nice it would be if a whale or two came in to accumulate. This would apply pressure to shorts and force them to close out their positions. We could then see this move quickly.
@tables777 That's exactly what I am talking about. Look at this OB. If I want to buy 1200 shares @ MKT I will push the price up from 31,69 to 31,72. No way at all that 900k can be exchanged within 3 hours with no volatility. It means (to me until somebody explains me otherwise) that 2 big players agreed to buy/sell a huge quantity at one agreed price. For example one big player who wanted to buy a huge qty agreed with another big player probably already in with a profit, to buy from him. Buy/sell in exact same qty at an agreed price. Little shopping done for the 1st big player and no effect on the price. But you see, if you or me we want to buy 100k share (I wish I could) within one hour... we will for sure push the price up as it is way above average volume or qties available for one tick . Then price might go down afterwards if somebody want to take profit. But no way that the price will stay as flat as it did.