$MVIS I have one big question related to a buyout, and I hope that any experienced DD’er in here can answer this. Many people say that the BO will be anywhere between 2-8 billion. These are calculated upon the net worth of verticals and/or the company as a whole. However, the company is currently worth <300 million. If the buyout would be as close as people say (April21), why is the stock price so low at these times? Why doesn’t an investment company or any other big player invest in this (and drive SP up)? Why is it valued at <10% of the potential worth at buyout? And maybe my most important question to accredit any validity to anyone mentioning a multi billion buyout: Are there any past M&A’s that had the same pay-off? Thus, paying 300% plus at BO? My DD shows that 95% of the mergers only pay a premium smaller than 25% the current share price, making the ultramultibagger that many people mention very unlikely to me. Thanks in advance, my MVIS crew!
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@Spaikai Because there is difference between real company vs fake BO, why would you expect big investors pouring into this fake company.. BO news has been there for decades and SP movement at least take last 8 yrs is moving amid speculation.. This million dollar question cannot be answered by any idiotic bulls because they don’t have brains to think beyond and get always submerged into this Lidar and AR tech pulling other companies product and connecting this to drive the price This SP movement is pure on speculation