$PLTR pricing dropping in private sector. This company is doomed.
$PLTR Ignore the 🤡 and focus on the game changing software.. Mind boggling how they penetrate into industries.. Zero competition… Peter thiel zero to one key fundamental - Monopoly 💎💎💎💎💎 Palantir Technologies Inc (NYSE:PLTR) launched Foundry for Builders to support early-stage companies by providing them with the Palantir Foundry platform. Here, Palantir will sell Foundry to start-ups under a subscription model, first to companies connected to Palantir alumni, before expanding the initiative to other early-stage companies. The first group of companies is start-ups in varied sectors, ranging from healthcare to robotics to software and fintech. The companies include Chapter, Hence AI, Adyton, and Gecko Robotics.
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