$VERB who remembers when i was promoting $FUBO at 11 bucks like i am promoting verb? All the bears at fubo blocked me. They told me when fubo was 9 it is a pos penny stock that uplisted to the nasdaq. And i was a pos pumper pumping their pos penny stock. Lol they all blocked me when fubo spiked to 20. It took fubo a couple months for 60. $VERB will be there within days of their online mall release. Jist buy 10-20k shares and go all in when the stock atarts to spike its all here in this seeking alpha for u seekingalpha.com/instablog/... This is what the mall is all about. Watch verb to 50 60 bucks. Youre going to love hard. Its gonna be so great $SOFI $PLTR $MGNI
@Tifosi007 @valuationgman @Bread2345 I was short $PLTR at 40 and covered at 17. I can post statements and post from here. Stocks are timing and pricing. U were wrong on your timing and pricing with other lo price stock. I hope u join us at verb when its 20. I understand u want to wait. When do u think the guys long pltr at 35-40 will break even? Do u think they sleep good? Eesshhhhh. As for tsla i dont short stocks that have an owner that builds rocketships in his spare time. But i dont buy stocks that all the income come from tax credits. I think both long and short of tesla are playing with fire. Verb is where u want to be. Online mall with live streamers coming soon. When it runs 1000% it's nice u were polite, but remember how dismissive u were. I'm doing favors here by posting. Far too few people know what verb is doing. Anyway remember pricing and timing. U can make money in any stock as long as u buy at the right time and sell at the right time. Pltr short made me bank
@valuationgman @Bread2345 Dude I am a shareholder of Verb already.. But I meant in general on penny stick to the other poster And FYI I am with Palantir before it’s DPO with a cost basis of $6 I know what to buy and when to buy
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