@Tifosi007 also I won’t lie recent earrings and macro environment give me some concerns. The best thing a bull can do is discuss things honestly and objectively so we don’t lose our shirts. Unlike you, I am very happy to be proven wrong.
@ATrade1 Do you really understand how stock market works?? If what you said is true, almost all of these has to go bankrupt.. The reason they are in growth stocks is for a reason that WS is letting them grow and investors take the risk based on many factors from management and who are the key top line executives and what is their core business, TAM etc and drop their money during this early phase so they get 10X in due course of time You are so caught up with market, good luck with you analogy FYI, all of these were decimated with tons of negativity from their recent earnings but come back in 5yrs to see how they have multiplied their growth..
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