$RIDE Steve Burns is a good man. As a longer term investor here since DPHC, I can say this . He does not do well up against the Hyena's in the mainstream media trying to hurt this well intentioned company's share price. But, that only hurts the short term traders so I can deal with that and my opinion is..... good riddance to the short sighted and quick to jump weak hands anyways. To date I will still say he is a good man and I like his ambitions, goals, drive, and positive attitude to get things done!!!! In fact, all the funding and partners he has joined forces with to date (Camping World, General Motors, Blackrock, Goodyear, Elaphe, LG CHEM...) are largely because he is a good man. And I think banks and/or strategic partners or a combination of them all will put together an awesome deal because of Steve Burns!!!! Cheers!!!!