$MVIS reminds me of $IZEA. For months people would trash the company & stock based on charts, revenues (aka crutches to real motor skills). As I tried finding ways to more easily monetize a large outdoor tik tok following, IZEA’s solution/value proposition was PERFECT & filled a HUGE need in an exploding/emerging market. At $0.80 I kept trying to articulate this and would just get trashed. I was so confused because it was so obvious. Also, why would they have revenues during a ramp up subscription quarter? Yet that was always the argument. “Look at the revenue.” Literally connect 2 dots and you see how irrelevant that argument is? It shot up to $5 after its social media marketplace opened just like it was always destined to obviously do. This, to a Tee, is what is happening with $MVIS on a larger scale. It’s just IZEA didn’t have as many shorts with stakes in the game to pay the Seeking Alphas of the world for daily hit pieces. The substance, and value proposition is OBVIOUS.