$QQQ here's something to think about...democrats are trying to pass a bill that actually pays money towards our deficit. Read that again and let it really sink in. That's not normal and to me sets of alarms...DEMOCRATS are leaving money on the table in a bill to pay deficit!!! That's like panic. That tells me we are in deep poop. When something is to good to be true it is. Think about our deficit... it's gonna have to get really painful to balance that out. Only Republicans can do it and they will be hammered for it. They will inherite Bidens disaster. Biden and libs will not be held accountable. Media not gonna change. We are in a really really desperate spot in my opinion. People saying June was the low...as I think about that I wonder How? How is that the low when we are going deeper and experiencing into a shitstorm. Q3 will be better than q2 is what the market just told you. I don't know shit and I'm confident telling you that's a big load of shit. Idk...