$NVTA from CC on partnership w/ Vermont; "...a newly developing market, when we think of the three that we serve diagnostics, reproductive health and proactive, this is the largest one, it is, everybody in large healthcare systems." "So, super excited about this, super excited about working with this system to do it, to do it right. There are all kinds of implications for the future in the future model." "With that said, these kind of things will take time. And so, we're not going to be -- as a result of a single one of these or frankly dozens to come, I think it'll be like the rest of our business has been for the past six years." So, yes it's going to take time to ramp, but when it does it will be a huge NEW market. Notice he says "dozens to come". This isn't a one off, there are clearly more partnerships of this ilk in the making. This is the major difference with $NVTA and co's like $MYGN... low cost unlocks genetics for everyone. Pay attention bears, that is the story here.
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