$MNKD Republicans want a bail out? When did they become the party of socialists? Huh? Yeah. If anyone here thinks there's a huge difference between Republicans and Democrats - think again. My question is, how many of those who may qualify for a bail out (including small businesses) managed to put away 3 months of $$ for a rainy day? Nevermind - I know the answer to that question. But, make NO mistake: Socialism IS a one Trillion Dollar Economic Bail Out. Yes, that is what socialism is. So, for anyone who wants to continue to deny that America is NOT a socialist nation (when it needs to be), you go right ahead and waste more of your breath. This is what socialism looks like when it's NOT assigned to Social Security or Healthcare. You don't want to argue this point with me. YA DON'T. I look forward to 02/20/2024. By then this recession will be over and this company will hold more value than it does today. So, despite the drop here, I remain steadfastly....
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