$GHIV ¿EARNINGS REPORT 1/12? I’m not sure how many of you watched Mat Ishbia’s livestream over the holiday. Usually he brings a mainstream band like the Chainsmokers and throws a banger party for his employees. In 2020, he decided to give away a bunch of stuff to his employees to match a similar cost for the planned party budget. Ishbia handed out $500 a month towards groceries for a year, a $1k per month bonus for bills, a $5k vacation to anywhere in the country, a $10k home improvement, 20+ trips to Miami with a plus one, a couple of 24 month Cadillac leases and so much more. Oh, and he paid the taxes on all of it. He finished the giveaway then before signing off said “guess what? Let’s do another round”. Then went over and re-gave away all of that stuff a second time 😂. This guy is a guy to buy stock in, trust me. I know there’s no certainty of a report this week, but the way he seems - I wouldn’t doubt if he surprised with RECORD BREAKING numbers on Tuesday to rally the stock.
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