$EOLS I can’t explain yesterday’s, today’s, or any day’s price movement, but I’ll expand on why I think the capital raise could be for introducing a new product. Here’s my reasoning: 1) The 10Q p.51 (under Risk Factors) list possible factors for capital raise. Among the list, IMO the two most plausible explanations for this raise is either to continue commercialization of Jeu or acquire a new product. I detailed why I don’t think it’s for Jeu in my previous post. 2) In one of the investor presentation earlier this year (I forget which), the CFO mentioned that they will most likely introduce a new product to the pipeline within the timeframe of Jeu becoming #2. 3) During the recent CC, the CMO mentioned the adoption curve for Jeu (e.g., 15% early adopters, 34% early majority). He’s referencing to a model for product adoption using a Bell-Shaped curve (refer to image I rigged for Jeu Adoption). (Post continues in comment)
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