@Rlbeard6734 Correct. A good way to think about the Adoption curve is to imagine popcorn popping on a stove top. Some kernels start to pop early (maybe one or two pops per second), the popping increases to a peak point where kernels are popping like crazy, then gradually the number of kernels popping per second fades away at roughly the same rate at which it began. According to management, Jeu is near or around the peak point (the part where the kernels are popping crazy) and if my theory is correct, the best time to introduce a second product. The timing of a second product is crucial. You want to build on the momentum of the first one and carry that momentum forward. Perhaps my theory has no legs. Perhaps someone or some tutes notice this as well. Which would might explain the volume after the offering. We'll see what happens in the coming weeks.
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