$PHIL IMO yesterday was healthy and we will consolidate in the 7’s and 8’s. Yesterday is also why I hate when people tag other places. This was moving organically and healthy, up until the past week. Gaps always fill is a good rule to live by and I hope we let this speak for itself instead of inviting the worst of the worst in. Yesterday also shows what can happen if large dumps of shares occur. If you’re a long try to plan the exit and not dump everything at once on the way up. We all will win if we are smart. I’m not contemplating selling anything until a dollar plus. I put in money I don’t need and it would suck if it went to zero, (which is not gonna happen), but I want generational wealth for my family. If you can’t sleep at night you need to evaluate what you hold dear and how you are invested. I spent hours upon hours searching back in January and this one out of all had the most promise by far and that was before I learned about all the other dd, holding long and strong