$HTZ I have time. I am not on margin and I don’t have weak hands. I am also ready to buy more if this drop. The upside is too great to be on the sideline this week. Made some $$$ with $HTZ in June and coming back for some MO!!!
$HTZ I just don't see a good bull case here. Outside of FOMO, which isn't going to move this ticker that much unless all of you are millionaire, there really isn't anything in your favor. The way I see it is you have an even smaller window than you had before to get a scalp in pre market and get out with some coin. Option 2 you hold thinking that it pops a few hundred percent tomorrow, you get stuck with stale pricing and options get smoked from theta because I know you all are gonna jump on weeklies. Because a decent amount of you bulls are greedy and impatient, you will set which then triggers what I'm in the shadows waiting for. Happy hunting
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