$AYTU makes me wonder, why would they release a pr stating that the agreement with biolidics will be broken? they know all to well it would kill the SP. there is no resistance out there anymore no huge blocks. it seems to me that they know that the warrents are done for, so it seems logically that they want to keep the share price down with this. to accumolate more tutes. there are plenty of CEO's that travel to every state just to give insights about their companies to other institutions. i mean josh is doing a lot of flying, he has been to china Singapore new york, washington, san Diego etc in sutch a short period of time. aytu doesnt tank below 1.40s because our base support line is really strong.. thats not because of Retail investors.. no not at all.. we will get more insights of new institutions soon because it can take 5 months untill we can see new tutes comming in
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