$VBIV I remember when Baxter said they were utilizing most of the capacity of the Therapure/Resilience plant. We have no idea what is going on now as far as production but that seems to be changing. Where does VBI stand? Canada gave Resilience 160m to add to that plant in August. Now Resilience is going to manufacture mRNA for Moderna. Canada also entered into agreement with Moderna to build a new plant. It won't be finished until 2024. So getting Resilience to produce before 2024 seems the logical step for Canada. One thing for certain...Arch/Nelsen, Flagship/Moderna, despite global aspirations, they are sticking to building that global revolution within their own portfolios. Rahul had stressed they would be able to work with other modalities but Canada seems to have priotized mRNA. Where does that leave VBI? The Sanofi plant? Where will the Arch/Flagship drug cartel put one of their own? Will a BO take VBI completely out of Canada? youtube.com/watch?v=Siatj2P...