$SNSS Happy Thanksgiving fellow Sunesians! Just my 2cents diligence going into ASH FWIW: Last ER call confirmed CT scans for 300 mg dose cohort (n=3 pts) will be available at ASH. There are also 4 pts on 200 mg with no reported clinical readout yet- these patients should already be on treatment for 4-6 months assuming they derived clinical benefit from veca . In addition, 1 SD pt on 100 mg (cycle 7) have been dose escalated to 200 mg around Aug(?). So I believe company will be reporting clin activity supported by tumor scans on 7-8 patients at the near effective veca dose of 200-300 mg at ASH. Based on what we know from BTKi’s, feeling pretty good that we will see at least 2-3 PRs reported at ASH.
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