5 Strong Positions: $WTII - Pink Current low float that expanded into the already hot oil and gas sector. Updated website recently to say details coming soon implying that they will put out a big order PR soon which would send the stock running. Last 7 days DOUBLE AVERAGE VOLUME, somebody knows something! DD Package : docs.google.com/presentatio... $PJET - Huge day, ignore that Pancakes guy, seems to be a paid basher who somehow isn’t banned. Where is he now when we are running? $EEENF - almost made it to 0.10 on its April run. If they get a major PR, might test those April highs. Lots of bashers right now. Ignore the noise! $GAXY - one of the better OTCQB stocks out there. Just a lot of panic selling for now and those who sell will regret it just like those who sold last year at 0.006. $CYBL - Pink Current, Acquisitions, AS reduction being executed and no RS policy being enacted. Going on a crazy run today, panic sellers probably regret selling under 0.03.