$BLNK To all the bears out there. Not all pumps become dumps. This is rally is founded on multiple facts: 1. Industry as a whole is underdeveloped (in which there is tremendous opportunity for growth as companies scramble to capture and serve more and more markets/territories) 2. We are entering a 4 year democratic era where massive government stimulus is planned for renewables, and carbon reducing industries (i.e EV) 3. Biden explicitly said that he is planning a massive budget to build up the EV infrastructure. Opening the tab for companies such as Blink to get funding for further expansion. 4. Significant institutional money is entering the space. Institutional holdings in Blink went up from 7% to 20%+. Notable buyers: Goldman, Blackrock, Morgan S. If anyone thinks this is a pump and dump, they are fooling themselves. This is the start of a new era with plenty of growth to come. I strongly recommend holding over the next 8-12 months.
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