$BTC.X 6 Different Ways Robinhood Makes its revenue stream SHORTS HAVE NOT COVERED SINCE IPO.A GAMESTOP, CRYPTO WALLET IN THE MAKING COMPANY, HOOD is CURRENTLY TRADING 50% below its IPO PRICE. 29.03+ MILLION SHARES SHORTED IN HOOD (SINCE DEC 15, 2021). HOOD got 7.38 Billion cash at hand UNLIKE many HIGH FLYING companies are in debt. $$$$$$$$$ LOCKDOWN is Imminent $$$ A perfect omicron storm is brewing up for RobinHOOD; People gamble when there is lockdown (coming) and when there is nothing to do. RobinHOOD will accelerate its growth during this time. HOOD is the future epitome retail trading/crypto platform App, just like coke cola is the epitome of soda. HOOD is a CASH COW company with 7+ billion, no dilution. No debt. $$$$$$$SQUEEZE is imminent