$INO $MRNA $JNJ $GILD Stage I tests are exciting, but only the tip of the iceberg! Our pharmaceutical labs have two major hurdles yet to go before we can rejoice (according to Morning Glory report). Wise investors looking for a vaccine must consider: 1. "The drug now moves to expedited phase 2 and phase 3 stages this summer, where the vaccine will be tested on potentially tens of thousands of patients. These controlled, clinical trials will be where we'll see if the vaccine works in the real world or not. Remember, there was similar hope when another drug, remdesivir, showed positive early results only to have a marginal effect in later clinical stages." 2. "The other hurdle is that we aren't yet certain having these antibodies actually makes you immune to the virus. In other words, we don't know if surviving COVID-19 means you can't get it again. If people can get COVID-19 twice, then all bets are off.".
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