$SPY mnuchin trump and the fed are using monetary 3 card monty with thier spin on corna virus , the fed , and 3 trillion dollar relief. So the markets go up great buy buy buy but wait we have a high unemployment rate doesnt matter hold on their short and sweet stevie M. The us dollar relative to all currencies has dropped 4% since friday. Devaluing the currency to prop up the market. Sounds like china ? We blasted china for currency manipulation last year and now its ok for US to do the same thing ? So if you make an average salary of 50000 usd that 1200 just cost you 2000 dollars (4% devaulation of your salarys buying power) . 3 card monty anyone . I mean seriously they are more concerned about proping up the markets than they are at how the hell we pay for this when gdp will drop like a rock .