@TooMuchFinesse well your ‘research’ is dumb as rocks and you pump the second this turns green only to be left red for days. Lol Kid gets lucky on one parabolic run and now can’t leave it alone. Like a virgin and his first girl. You’re like 13… at least intellectually and socially. She ain’t coming back, clown. Get over it. She ain’t into you, boy
@CanedogX we still waiting on how this is a scam stock ? Other than your horrible entries ..😂 whats the company doing badly. Don’t talk about the chart come with some facts. My average is green and will remain green. Idc about red days 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 YOU DO because you switch emotions every other week with a horrible average. Now tell me those lies again about your average being .022🤣🤡
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