Look, I entered and unfortunately I proposed to invest to CEI in November 2018, 5 more friends We have spent 3 r / s and the truth is that we expected something closer and not as brutal as the process was developed so far. Even now we would be willing to support the investment if there was something clearer. But as you know in the stock market nothing is absolute and everything is relative, we have freaked out with the brutality and incoherence of those responsible and we still do not know how far they can go Making a merger is a long way, okay, the surprise is that there are things that do not develop with the minimum normality, from a talk of Connolly on the annulled TV to an annulment of the meeting of the shareholders, without any explanation towards what did you expect. Some person in management believes that this is the path to trust. I sincerely believe and hope that I am wrong, that the worst we have not seen yet. There are many things that indicate the failure of this merger
@Torobravo_1 As you know these things take time and nothing is in the immediate, reasonable time for them to conclude this would have been several years as I stated prior many times. Had all been on the up and up this deal could have been concluded as stated was the goal and may still have the potential to be concluded to the goal, but at this stage of it it is clear they would have to present on hell of a suprise to make that happen. As well as you know only so much can be done for those harmed as the company itself is worthless and there is nothing to really raise claim to compensate those harmed as it appears now. I had filed more then several inquiries with SEC in relation to this and several complaints with the exchange over the course of the past several years of which all as to my knowledge are still open and pending review.
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