The news could be anything through public relations, the mngm has changed. Other news could be a preview of the earnings until they come out There is no danger at this time at these prices, it is the bottom and with a small float the price with little volume will see it jumping hard You have seen after the 0.61 that he did, in 0 time to 0.65 ... I will repeat it but this time it will not go down, maybe a little resistance at 0.69-0.70 because of the traders of the day
@Torobravo_1 okay thanks for the response but there are a little over 50mil shares outstanding with 21mil free float sitting out there, I guess for a penny stock that isn’t that bad but still would need major news to bring this up without a Rs. This held above $1 for less than a day. Idk but $1 naturally will be hard to obtain imo.
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