@TraceyRyniec @dt2011 @TheRock44 @CashBGone Yes, $ASNA is EXACTLY like JCP, which had $4 billion debt, is/was the poster child for the melting ice cube department store sector, and was positioned somewhere between Wal-Mart/Target and Kohls (i.e. no real market position). Another fact is when evaluating INDIVIDUAL companies (retailers) in an industry (retail) is that all companies are the same. LOL. ASNA has net debt of about $1 billion, a balloon payment not due for two years, ample assets to monetize over the same time period, the likely opportunity to REFINANCE its debt, and regional economies are beginning to re-open in the United States. And, yes, we should all conveniently forget that with JCP and Neiman Marcus filing BK that ASNA and many other retailers will be able to re-negotiate or terminate leases given an anchor store is gone from those malls.
@TraceyRyniec Raymond James report says lines 40-deep outside of Nike stores. American Eagle and Forever 21 stores busy, too. You're simply wrong. New York City is the hardest hit city with COVID-19, plenty of people in parks, young people even outside bars. It's summertime!
@DVP19 Forever 21 went BK so that's not a good example. Was this in Iowa which never had a shutdown? Probably. I have no doubt that the American consumer will be purchasing again. Look what they've been doing at Home Depot. But it's a long road ahead for retailers, hotels, restaurants, entertainment. And that's assuming no second wave or other big outbreaks this summer into the fall.
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