This week, we've had Williams-Sonoma raise its dividend and resume its buybacks which indicates they are still crushing it. Ethan Allen, the struggler of the group, preannounces that they crushed it in FQ1 on EPS and revenue. Who's next? The trend remains. Home is hot. $WSM $ETH $HOME $W $RH
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@TraceyRyniec The consumers are in good shape. They have a lot of disposable cash, Credit card debt has dropped so they have extra credit available. We should have a good XMAS retail season. If they pass another stimulus, then this years XMAS sales could be record setting.
@rsu82 If you subtract 25 million of the consumers, then, yes, the rest of them are in good shape. But what impact will all those who are struggling have? We don't know. But it's a big group.