$FCEL news doesn’t matter in this market. it hasn’t for quite awhile. plug had a slew of great deals made all through 2021 and yet the stock moved similarly to the sector. stocks aren’t traded on merit anymore, they’re traded on general sentiment, and that’s all that’s mattered over the past couple years in the majority of cases. with that said, it’s clear FCEL’s not without a good bit of risk for anyone who’s been following with exxon, but if you believed in this stock sub-$2, why wouldn’t you now? for better or worse, nothing’s changed — developments with this shit takes time. and there’s no doubt the FCEL/exxon extension is contingent upon politics and whether or not some sort of climate deal is reached on top of the infrastructure bill. i’ve said it before: few has too many political connections to not get some amount of government money, it just depends exactly what the hell they use it for. it would appear the US is hopeless, so hopefully it can be used overseas somehow.
@FCELyourSOUL I have read on here several times where people are laudatory of Few's political contacts, however, haven't seen any actual support for it. I have no information that leads me to disbelieve it, but equally have none that actually supports the existence of such relationships. Could you please explain why you or of the opinion you hold?