$SPY yeah... I'm done folks. It was fun while it lasted. This website has been infiltrated by political puppets, and the result is nothing less than TOXIC. Same thing that happened to that trash $TWTR and their big brother $FB I'll let you idiots defend politicians who don't give two shits about YOU, ur success, or ur ivelihood; while I spend my free time blowing the money I take every day from the stock market. All they (your puppet masters) care about is POWER. Maybe someday y'all will wake up and realize that. CNN - trash FOX NEWS - trash ALL POLITICANS - BOTH SIDES - TRASH You morons who "take a stand" based on political "affiliation," not MORALS, ETHICS, or common sense -- TRASH... Good luck people... next time you feel the need to pretend you know anything about politics, or regurgitate your puppet-masters talking points -- try playing with venomous snakes instead (you're basically doing it already). @Stocktwits please remove me from this TOXIC app; thx in advance.
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