$SPY so...... I called the gap down on Tuesday BEFORE it happened, and AT THE SAME TIME - I called the subsequent bounce (check profile for details). At the same time I made those calls (both came to fruition) I also hinted toward the notion that the markets would meet one of four impending "fates." We have yet to see if my THIRD prediction comes true..., but I'd argue that A LOT of money has already been made with the first two... On Thursday of last week I wrote this down (see image), because I wanted to jump in some options. 95% of my trading is intraday, but if we do drop -- I wanted to remind myself of the technical parameters I'd set. $ZM didn't quite make it to 430, and $TSLA came up a little short as well (yes, I bought calls for the bounce), but the $SPY prediction was very close... I could be wrong... I'm wrong everyday... But I'm right for more often than i'm wrong, and my risk/reward ratios erase any deficiencies... Not 100% committed..., but I did buy PUTS