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    David Aferiat Official Account Joined Aug 12, 2009

    Actionable Market Intelligence. Alpha Hunter. Drink alot of good wine too.


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      Sean McLaughlin Official Account
      Former Head of Community Development @ StockTwits. Independent Trader. Former Chicago Board of Trade Member. Host of the Gimme Some Options podcast. Grinder.
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      Ramona Diaz
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      Studies patterns & zeitgeist. Realist. Uses calm analysis. Patriot. Amused by bloated egos/know-it-all/nasties. Likes good stories & bad jokes. Love learning after 11+ yrs at this madness. Wants all to profit by skill or luck, not by crushing others.
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      We are professional day-traders who mainly trade weekly options, FX, and futures.
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      Antonio Costa Official Account
      I am a 42 year old private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in the US stock markets.
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      All In Capital
      handle derived from the biggest trade I went into, all in on one ticker. my money my trades and definitely not yours.
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      Aficionado of indicators / algos. Collaborate and don't lose. The market loves to reward winners. I rarely post exits. Not advice, opinion only. Trading journal My $, My trades
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      David Moadel
      Find plenty of options/stock education at: *** Find me on Twitter at: *** (For informational purposes only; I am not licensed to provide investment advice)
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      <Become your own central bank and bet against the debt, hold a hard asset.> As Zero Hedge explains. If it's Not A Hard Asset, It's No Asset. When fiat currency's fail, one of the only things of value left standing.
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      Sean Dekmar
      Sign up to before January 1st and receive a Free Two Week Trial! We look forward to seeing you in chat!
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      Joao Afonso Official Account
      Intermediate - Equities - Technical - Day Trader - Swing Trader
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      John Butcofski Official Account
      Former Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo Advisors Portfolio Manager-Discretion. 23+Years Exp.| Former D-1 Linebacker. Stop Wasting Money! Learn, grow, from a Pro. 90% on their own don't make it. Premium services or we can run it for you.
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      Wall Street Cowboys
      I set up a free chat room to meet new traders.Just click the website link. I trade small stocks.Wallstreet is a scam so why not play stocks like MYHI and make a fortune!
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      eSignal Official Account
      eSignal, an Interactive Data company, delivers real-time market data and decision support tools for active traders worldwide. For more information visit,
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      marz bonfire
      Trader. Digital nomad. Fashionomist
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      Benzinga Official Account
      Real time news and updates. Bringing you news before it's news. The Trading Idea Network.
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      Swing Trade Warrior Official Account
      Pro trader & educator for a large Wall Street trading chat room. Become an educated, self sufficient master of risk. Real time education, alerts & results.
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      Danan Kirby Official Account
      U.S Army Vet. & Former Regulator. Current Institutional Client of Various Wall St. Firms. (Buy-Side) Low Volume High Quality Posts With An Institutional Perspective. Posts Not Investment Advice. This is Infotainment
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      Jesse Felder Official Account
      Formerly Bear Stearns then co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund firm. Now an independent trader and publisher at The Felder Report.