$HPIL To me, once I trust a person, that's it The guy went through a hell since he bought this company. He missed some deadlines, it happens in any business But he worked hard so far to build hpil.. He doesn't own any shares, investing his own money He has excellent reputation , even though mistakes takes a way part of that. Hpil has actual address, employee..etc He Hired top qualified team to work with him He got his son into part of this company and more why in the world people see only the negative side and forget about All the positive sides. Is it his fault, part of it yes otherwise we would be current long time ago. is it intentional, no, that's the trust I have in Sb, Do I know everything going on behind the scene.. No.. Either I make good money or I lose all, hopefully Top $$$$ The key word is patience.. I invest after i do my dd. I am able to hold throughout all circumstances. I Trust my dd.. I trust Sb Go Hpil... $$$$$ and here is the lucky no for Sb.