$HPIL the desperation involved to make fake stories then have your buddies post it here as real is pretty shocking. I hope it was worth it to them when Bubba waiting for you to drop the soap in prison
@Sin_ @Anty22 You need to be VERY cautious of anything you say on here now. With the validity of the video being questioned, you're risking legal consequences. Any attorney worth a damn would tell you to stop talking.
@StillStacy @Sin_ @Anty22 Sin & 7empty will continually post & interact with ppl to try to get into their heads by twisting truths, lying & spreading FUD to shake ppl out of their positions. Jefraud or Sammy is just an obnoxious bitch who does majority of the scheming & spreads FUD in her own special way. SEC & jail will catch up to them all sooner than later.