$MBRX bilskybill is another fake account used by Pavel. He has me blocked so (he thinks) I can't see his posts, and Pavel also had me blocked until I kept calling him out and he eventually unblocked me. bilskybill has called for a class action lawsuit against the company. The reason they do this is because the organization that shorts and drives down a company's stock price has the goal of driving the company into bankruptcy. If the company goes bankrupt it's shares are dissolved, and the organization that has (often falsified) shorted shares that have not yet been accounted for NEVER HAVE TO BE DELIVERED. This is the game, overly short a company through false means with naked shorting / fake shares, push the stock price down, turn investors against the company and convince them to file a class action lawsuit, and destroy the company so they never have to be held accountable for their illegal manipulation.
@TradeTirade I don't have you blocked. You are a liar. I have been in this stock for well over a year and all I see is your lies! I have Pavel blocked because he is a liar like you.I have never shorted a stock in my life. Keep me out of your bullshit posts starting now!